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Supporting Reading at Home


Research shows that children who read three times a week outside of school make most progress.

We believe that parents play a vital role in helping their child learn to read. Home is the ideal setting to share books with individuals as in school it is noisy and there are constant interruptions.

We appreciate that parents have many commitments and not much time, but if we work together we can help children become confident readers.

We understand and value the role that parents play in their child’s reading development and as such provide all the children who start school in the Reception classes with a free book bag.

The adults who hear children read individually in school record the date, name of the book and a comment in the  reading record book. We hope that any one who hears their child read outside school will also take the time to record any comments or observations in this book to keep communication flowing between school and home and so aid reading development.



• Try to choose a quiet time every night with your child, and make yourselves comfortable.

• Always encourage your child to decode an unknown word by asking them to “say the sounds and read the word” first as this echoes the teaching done in school.

• Use the three P’s: Pause, Prompt and Praise to help with supporting your child.

• Let your child hold the book.

• Point to the words as you read them.

• Use the pictures as well; there is often an additional story in them.

• Allow plenty of time for discussion, before you turn over a page. A valuable question is: “What do you think will happen next?”

• Let your child read the story to you afterwards, even if this is reciting by heart, or making the story up from the pictures. This is a very important stage.

• Memorising is not cheating. Make reading fun!

• Children learn to behave like readers by these activities.

Praise all their attempts.

• If your child is too tired or reluctant to join in, just make it an opportunity for you to read in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Do not force participation.


Download the Hindhayes School Reading Handbook below.