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Religious Education Curriculum Statement

Intent – Religious Education at Hindhayes.

Recent research used to inform practice: Awareness, Mystery and Value (AMV): The agreed syllabus for Religious Education in Somerset 2019. Religious Education in English schools non-statutory guidance: DFE 2010, The Somerset SACRE “Christianity – Teacher’s guide 2019

At Hindhayes we teach the AMV curriculum set out by Somerset County Council. Our RE lessons are intended to offer a broad and rich RE curriculum to allow for coverage of the areas prescribed; to allow for a variety of ways to explore religions, their community and personal development and wellbeing. The lessons have an intention of providing a high quality, coherent and progressive experience of the subject, with scope for cross-curricular learning. Through each unit, children will know about and understand a range of religions and world views. They will be able to identify, investigate and respond to a variety of issues. SMSC, personal growth and community cohesion are featured throughout each strand and are there to ensure opportunities for children to develop positive attitudes and values and to reflect on and relate their learning in RE to their own experiences. The intent is to make sure that children understand the relevance of RE in today’s modern world and how it affects our lives. During the foundation stage, children begin to explore the world of religion and belief in terms of special people, books, times, places and objects, visiting places of worship and through celebration. Children listen to and talk about stories. They are introduced to specialist words and use their senses in exploring religious beliefs, practices and forms of expression. They reflect upon their own feelings and experiences. They use their imagination and curiosity to develop their appreciation and wonder of the world in which they live.