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Physical Education Provision Map

Recent research shows us that:  Government guidelines recommend that children and young people should get 30 minutes of their daily physical activity in the school day and 30 minutes outside of school. The figures show that 57.2% (up 4.6%) of children are doing 30 minutes or more of physical activity outside of school, compared to 40.4% at school. At the other end of the scale, 2.1 million children and young people (29.0%) are doing fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a day, and while that number is down (by 3.9% over the last year) it's a reminder of how much more needs to be done. Active children are happier, more resilient and more trusting of others and there is a positive association between being active and higher levels of mental wellbeing, individual development and community development.     

(Sport England 2019)       

Developing Physical Education at Hindhayes -  Most teachers at Hindhayes are trained to teach REAL GYM and many have had training in REAL PE and we use these schemes for the majority of PE lessons  Physical Education is a valuable and essential part of the curriculum at Hindhayes.    It is concerned primarily with the development of gross motor skills, agility, balance, coordination and movement confidence.  PE provides opportunities to develop skills, knowledge and understanding through a wide range of physical activities. These schemes also offer lesson planning to help build social and personal skills – a key element to all planning since lockdown.