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Music Provision Map

Recent research shows us that: ‘Everything about good music is positive, with the power to affect our lives forever. Musical experiences provide a sense of community and belonging.’ Gari Stein

 Studies suggest that music can; nourish the brain while affecting all areas of development, strengthen listening, motor skills, language, problem solving, spatial-temporal performance and literacy, help critical listening skills, create space for emotional well-being, provide opportunities to practise social skills, support phonic awareness, instill acts of kindness and cooperation, calm and focus the mind and encourage interaction in non-threatening ways.

Developing Music at Hindhayes -



Music, as a universal language, promotes creativity, reading and comprehension skills, confidence and a sense of fun all at the same time. At Hindhayes, we want the children to enjoy their musical experiences and feel enriched as a result of them. We want to instill a sense of achievement no matter what their abilities or understanding are. Music can encompass all abilities and ensure that, for a time, children feel they are an equal and essential part of a whole.