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Hindhayes Infant School


Local Lockdown

Currently Hindhayes is not in an area that is causing concern and at the moment is not subject to a local lock down. At the moment we are open under the government category of Tier 1.

Should the status of the area and therefore the school change, school leaders will respond swiftly to up to date guidance to move through the remaining Tiers of closure. At the moment, for Primary schools (Including us as an infant school), there will be no closure until Tier 4 which will require us to provide provision for those pupils who are vulnerable and those who are children of critical workers.

The statement below is taken from a statement from Gavin Williamson. 

"All schools, colleges and other education settings are opening for the start of term, with all those in areas subject to local restrictions currently at Tier 1 – fully open to all pupils full time.

Local authority leaders and directors of public health, alongside national government, would be at the centre of any decision making to move out of Tier 1 for education settings.

They would take all other possible measures, including implementing restrictions on other sectors, before considering restricting attendance in education.

If all other measures have been exhausted, Tier 2 would advise secondary schools and colleges in a restricted area to use rotas to help break chains of transmission of coronavirus, while primary schools remain open to all pupils.

Tiers 3 and 4 introduce remote learning full time for wider groups of pupils, with vulnerable children and children of critical workers continuing to attend."