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Intent - Developing Historians at Hindhayes:

Hindhayes School history curriculum offers a coherently planned sequence of lessons to help teachers ensure they have progressively covered the skills and concepts required in the National Curriculum. We aim to develop historical skills and concepts which are transferable to whatever period of history is being studied and will equip children for future learning. These key historical skills and concepts, which are revisited throughout different units, are: Historical Interpretations; Historical Investigations; Chronological Understanding; Knowledge and Understanding of Events, People and Changes in the Past; Presenting, Organising and Communicating.

The coverage of recent history in KS1 such as ‘Kings and Queens’ and ‘Ticket to Travel’ enables children to acquire an understanding of time, events and people in their memory and their parents’ and grandparents’ memories.

Cultural Capital

Children at Hindhayes are generally unaware of the local history of Street or the surrounding area. We aim to introduce the children to the rich cultural heritage linked to Clarks and its huge impact on the town over the past century. We address this heritage through taking the children for tours and walks, visiting local museums, looking at our own school building and visiting other locations such as Green bank pool. We develop this by studying the direct impact the Clarks family have had on the town, learning about the family, their philosophy and beliefs and how this affected their business and workforce.