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Hindhayes COVID-19 Catch Up Plan

The COVID pandemic caused schools to close from March 20th 2020. Childcare provision was quickly established and opened for families from Monday March 23rd. Education for some of the children resumed in small pods and for a reduced number of hours between June 1st and July 20th. The whole school reopened to all pupils from September the 1st. This had left the children and families from our community with 14 weeks of interrupted education and a gap within their learning that will need to be addressed across this and subsequent academic years.

Lockdown anxiety is becoming a new phenomenon. Victims of COVID 19 are presenting with PTSD due to their experiences within critical care units and children are increasingly presenting with panic attacks. We do not want this pandemic to rob our pupils of their childhood. Childhood should be built on hope. Recently in some homes it will have been filled with fear. We know that fear leads to anxiety which then results in the crippling of interactions and rigidity within our mental health. We need to rekindle hope and rebuild resilience. Remember resilience is that skill that if you get knocked down by life you can come back stronger than ever. If we plan time for a deep rediscovery of our children now, then we will benefit in the longer term.

The government has provided schools with a catch-up premium designed to mitigate the effects of the unique disruption of COVID 19.

See the full plan below.