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Geometry Provision Map

This document is subject to change as we continue to work as a school on curriculum development.

Recent research shows us that: 



Sams, C., Wegerif, R., Dawes, L. and Mercer, N. (2004, Thinking Together with ICT & Primary Mathematics: a Continuing Professional Development Pack) advocates the importance of classroom talk to clarify, challenge and deepen knowledge.  These studies help to shape the learning experiences that we want for our learners.

Developing children’s understanding of geometry at Hindhayes -  The naming of shapes, describing properties of shapes, playing with shapes and sorting shapes is an important part of a rich early years environment. Adults are used to promote the regular use of new vocabulary alongside the play experiences inside and outside the classroom help the children to acquire new words.  We seek to help the children observe shapes around them in their everyday lives and probe questions about why the base of the playhouse was a cuboid – would a cone have worked?  Investigating patterns and symmetry can be enriched with the use of ICT and the study of artists such as Matisse, allowing children further opportunity to discuss, contrast and compare shape.

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