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Early Years Foundation Stage

OFSTED 2023 "In Reception, staff select specific vocabulary across all seven areas of learning for adults to model when children visit places like the ‘literacy shed’ or the pond area outside. Precise speech and language support by skilful staff enables children who struggle with their speaking and listening to catch up quickly. The focus on high-quality modelling of new vocabulary is now extending across key stage 1. Pupils are increasing their vocabulary well. This supports pupils to write interesting stories and reports."

The EYFS at Hindhayes

Baseline and on entry assessments have shown that many children are working below Age Related Expectation on entry to school. In response to this, the provision at Hindhayes is carefully structured and planned to diminish differences for children, whilst at the same time promoting best progress. The work of the Early Years team is fully supported by the SLT, is rooted in high quality play provision both inside and outside the class and is responsive to the individual needs of children. The learning environment both indoors and out allows children to play and explore, to take part in active learning and to develop the skills they need to create and think critically. A bespoke Early Years SEF allows the SLT to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of early years provision. An Early Years County Moderator on the staff ensures that end of year standards are broadly in line with National Expectations. Rigorous teaching of early reading, writing and maths ensures that most children leave the EYFS ready to access the year 1 curriculum.

Curriculum Statement for Early Years Foundation Stage

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Early Years Foundation Stage Provision Map

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