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Design and Technology Provision Map

Recent research shows us that: 

“Children like making decisions for themselves and doing practical work. They love creating products they can see, touch – and even taste – for themselves. They feel proud to have done so.” – D&T Association

“By planning for all children to reach the end of a half term all having made an identical product, we do not plan for children to exercise creativity and imagination.” – Aidan Severs, TES News
“A problem should be the driving force behind any D&T unit, not the idea that all children should be able to make a picture frame or sew a slipper.” – Aidan Severs, TES News

“Pupils need to be able to test, refine and develop the products they design and make to check that they work and improve them if they don’t.” – Ofsted 2012

View the Curriculum Statement below.