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Hindhayes Infant School



At Hindhayes our whole school ethos supports the excellent behaviours that our pupils display.  Across the whole school the consistent positive approach from all members of staff is underpinned by our four simple whole school rules; take care, do your best, have a go and be ready. These whole school rules were devised by our pupils and our rewarded and reinforced by our teachers to ensure that all pupils are able to learn and are learning ready.

Hindhayes pupils are consistently complemented on their learning and social behaviours from within and outside of our school community. There excitement and enthusiasm for new challenges has even impressed future Olympians;

‘Hindhayes has wonderful and enthusiastic children. They have shown such encouragement for each other and great determination. I have had a fantastic time visiting. The kids were all so hard working and it was highly enjoyable!’  - (Emily Diamond, Sprinter, Team GB)