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Art Curriculum Statement

Hindhayes School Achieved The Arts Council ‘Artsmark Award’ in 2015



Recent research shows us that:  The Curriculum – Mary Myatt (2018) “the argument that subjects are deeper and more robust if they draw on wider context…applies to art and design. There are three elements to the design of art and design: the first is skills, the second is knowledge and the third is the exposure to art. Either through visits to galleries or high-quality images from museums and galleries”.

Developing art and design at Hindhayes -   Similarly to the use of language, Art and Design is a medium of communication. Art and Design allows children to express a whole range of ideas, images and feelings. At Hindhayes we understand that high quality Art and Design education will empower children’s creativity and provide them with experiences which, in turn, develop their skills to experiment and create their own pieces of artwork. At Hindhayes Art and Design opportunities are skilfully woven through topic teaching to allow children to develop an understanding of its origins and the techniques used. The outdoor environment at Hindhayes is a valuable resource that is used to aid the development of observational drawing, sculpture with natural objects and adding into clay work, mark making, sketching, weaving and creating. Hindhayes contributes to art and design in the local community through creating displays at the local library, making banners for the Glastonbury Festival and local supermarkets and opening art galleries in the school hall.