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Hindhayes Infant School


2022-23 Spend and Impact

Sports Premium 2022-23





Key priority – 1


Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport


For Staff to deliver high quality lessons so that children have good knowledge of what is expected of them during PE lessons.

 Learning walks 

 Staff are confident using appropriate language and demonstrating where necessary, giving children both procedural and declarative knowledge.

 PE Planning Scheme

 Good practice in PE lessons.

Teachers confident to deliver high quality PE.

All children gaining confidence and participating in lessons.


Key priority – 2

Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity (to facilitate Forest School Lead and Outdoor play worker)


Pupils will become aware of the need for regular physical activity and be encouraged to have active breaks during the day.


 Engagement and enjoyment of ongoing physical activity is increased.

 Forest School

 Increased core strength and stamina, leading to increased fine and gross motor skills as well as improved confidence, self-esteem, creativity and independence.  

 Use of the local environment

 Pupils encouraged to use local facilities such as Greenbank pool and local parks and woodlands.

Holiday clubs in school include physical activity.


Key priority – 3

Profile of PE and sport is raised across the school for whole school improvement


All pupils will have regular activity during the school day

 Outdoor playworker for the children in reception.


Forest school

Pupils participating in physical activity
at school regularly and understanding
the contribution of physical activity and
sport to their overall development.
School values and ethos are
complemented by sporting values
Enthusiasm improved as children enjoy
the opportunities available


Key priority – 4

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils


Children access a range of sports through PE lessons, the use of external coaches, and attendance at clubs

 PE Planning to enable a structured annual overview

 Pupils experience a range of known sports disciplines (such as cricket, tennis gymnastics etc)

 Specialist companies leading sessions with classes. 

 All pupils enjoyed and participated in dance workshops, commonwealth games themed day, cricket themed day.

 Staff training which facilitated additional equipment.

 Additional tennis equipment allows for enhanced teaching, therefore 2 new tennis nets makings 3, therefore greater resources.

Purchase of high-quality equipment

Children can learn new sports with high quality equipment


 All children experience swimming and/or water play


Key priority – 5

Increased participation in competitive sport

Children will experience a range of sports and be encouraged to join external clubs.

 PE Planning

 Each 1/2 term scheme builds up to and ends with competitive games and matches

 Club information and advertisements available to parents via newsletters, parent mail and leaflets in office

Pupils participate in sports clubs outside of school.





Long term vision:

Funding has been ring fenced to protect the role of the play worker for pupils in reception classes as well as the Forest School Leader.




Budget allocation



Amount allocated